“Radical for capital”

Ayn Rand’s Objectivism is founded on the understanding that reason alone is the pathway to knowledge and as individuals we are responsible for ourselves, alone. This ethos subsequently opposes all notions of religion, collectivism, and altruism.

As she was writing her last piece of fiction, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand relied on a small network of like-minded Individualists ironically self described as “The Collective”. This cohort consisted of one Alan Greenspan. Greenspan would go on to serve as Chairman of the Federal Reserve for almost twenty years serving an unprecedented five consecutive terms. Other key followers of Rand include Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Vice President nominee, Paul Ryan. This is a small, but very powerful selection of well-known Objectivists within current structures of finance, government, and commerce. If these men consider themselves to be modern “Randian Heros” and we are living within the conditions of capitalism they have themselves constructed then it is very likely there is a little Rand in each of us. Through an exchange of physical transformation, making what is invisible visible, then perhaps we can exorcise the radical out and consider what we can bring back in.

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