The Social Practice Program at CCA publishes a book every Spring. Each year there is a theme, 2012’s theme was “Power.”
The editing committee decided to adopt the form of the annual report in lieu of the Occupy Wall Street movement synchronizing with our first year of graduate school at a very expensive art school. We used the traditional language of power as a device to discuss social practice as a practice idealized as living outside traditional markets, yet now caught in the ever growing market of education. It was uncomfortably easy to use the same opaque language so often found in traditional annual reports as a model for our work as artists and social practitioners.

Here is the blurb from Lulu:
Dedicated to intentional ambiguity for the definition of Social Practice (SOPR), now more than ever this book is critical to the climate and the flow of ideas and modalities. This collection of essays, graphs, images, illustrations, and correspondence is the fifth publication from the Social Practice Workshop at the California College of the Arts. Guest contributors include Amy Balkin, Ryan Gander, Betti Morenko, Dred Scott, and Sue Bell Yank.

I designed the publication and served as one of four on the editing committee along with Ilyse Iris Magy, Zoe McCloskey, and Lauren Marie Taylor. Below are some spreads from the book.

Download the book for free on Lulu!

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